Inspiring people to create healthy, beautiful spaces through feng shui.

Consulting Services

A Feng Shui consultation begins with a phone call or email from the client. We will discuss your objectives, floor plan, consulting fees, and make an appointment.

The consultation will include an evaluation of the exterior and interior, placement of furniture, color analysis, etc. Adjustments will be made and recommended, for cures in all rooms that apply to the client's objectives. I spend approximately 2~2.5 hours for each residential consultation (approx. 2,500 sq. ft.).

Consultations can include one or all of the following:

~On Site Consultation

~Remote Consultation (We will review your options and cures over the phone and via email after a floor plan and photos are presented to me for review.)

~Professional OrganizingĀ 

~Feng Shui for nurseries, A passion of mine is feng shui for children's spaces.

~I offer mini consultations for a small space with a specific objective. These start at $90.

*Fees for residential consultations vary since each space is unique. Please contact meĀ for more details. If you are located outside the Santa Cruz area, additional mileage may be charged. Please contact me for further information.

Round tables promote desireable energy flow